Coupons And Resolution Update

Check the Coupon Bar to the Right. Word has it that the $5 and $3 Huggies coupons have been reset. I got them to print one more time and Boy am I super happy about that!!

Now for the Resolution update:
  1. I didn't do much with Coupons and Stockpiling this month but I was definitely the beneficiary of the previous work I'd done. The only trips I made to the grocery this month were our weekly trip for milk!! Seriously. That was it! I'm very happy about that.
  2. We were able to Creatively cut expenses by using a couple of mystery shops to eat dinner and I bought 2 certificates for $2 each. 
  3. Meal Planning is still a stretch for me but I haven't gone back to the 'what are we having' thing - except for yesterday. I got caught in a 'day' and didn't have a plan and after 3 days of leftovers we'd cleaned out the fridge so we took advantage of a kids eat free night and went out.
  4. Increasing my income as a SAHParent is going slowly. I've had some luck this week with several surveys and I'm grateful. I'm also finishing a focus group this weekend which will contribute greatly. I'm behind on this since I lost all of my browser bookmarks when my laptop hard drive crashed and I haven't gotten them moved to my desktop yet. 
  5. Living smarter, more frugally and being more aware of the environment is something that I'm very aware of especially as we take part in the pilot study with the power company to monitor our critical peak point power usage. I know I keep saying this but I really, really will write more about this.
  6. The 'something' bigger resolution hasn't come to me yet but it's only the beginning of March. Already the year is shaping up to be tough economically. I hope that everyone is finding ways to make things better for themselves and better for the world at the same time. I think that's the way we're going to get through this.


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