Cheap Eats! has another great deal. $25 certificates for $2 until March 15th with the code: MENU. Check out the details for each restaurant carefully before you purchase so that you know the fine print. Most of the places we've been to require a minimum purchase or minimum number of diners. But with Mother's Day and Graduation and Father's Day coming up these can come in handy. 

Just a quick reminder, if you haven't been to Walgreen's yet this week try to fit it into your schedule especially if you are planning to stock up on Huggies products. Those wonderful high high value coupons expire shortly so don't let them go to waste. Besides, this week if you spend $25 on Kimberly-Clark products [of which Huggies is just one] then you get $10 in Register Rewards. Don't forget, too, that for every pack you buy you get a Box Top for Education and you can get money back from Caregivers Marketplace. These are all ways to help ourselves and others as our babies grow.

I made one trip Tuesday night and got 3 packs of diapers but the wipes were sold out. I fear this is what I'll find now that it's later in the week. One thing I'm finding with the Natural Fit Huggies that I've already bought is that there is another coupon waiting inside for me. Have you found this to be true? Some have been $2 off Pull-Ups and some are 75 cents for wipes. Either way is a wonderful way to keep the coupon train moving. Very Cool!


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