What I've Learned from Free Magazines

I get all my magazines for free now and I love it. I wish I'd known about free subscriptions before. Not only would I have saved money but I would have learned more about myself earlier. Currently, I'm still getting free subscriptions to Parents and Parenting and while I'm at the upper end of the age range for these magazines I do have young children so the articles and advertisements are relevant to me. I still like to find recipes for kid friendly meals and read about how to make holiday costumes or what to do over Spring Break with toddlers but I'm also noticing that some of the information is geared toward younger mommies even though information is there for older kids. Apparently, they got moving on kiddos earlier than we did and don't worry about bursitis while running around after their little ones:)

At the other end of the age range, I must admit, I hadn't read an issue of Cosmopolitan in probably ten or fifteen years and a lot has changed in that time - and not only in my life! The magazine has changed, too. They let guys write stuff in there now:) Who knew! I guess I would have if I ever read it. So, now I have a subscription and I'm far, far too old for this magazine and it's hilarious to read what these very, very young guys think is the best thing they can do in bed. Seriously. If you are approaching 40 and you need a good chuckle pick up an issue of Cosmo and read that part of the magazine because it'll put things in perspective. While I go to bed exhausted from running around after Comfort and Joy, cooking, doing laundry, running errands, etc - these guys are ... well, I can't write about it here because this part of the internet is Family Friendly. Let's just say that I don't see this same section in the next magazine I'm going to mention.

Which brings me to More magazine. I've never read More but I now have a free subscription and it turns out I'm in their (almost) target market as I near forty and yes, the articles have far more relevance to me that those in Cosmo. It's sad, but true. Clothes are still trendy, which doesn't matter to me since I'm just trying to make sure my clothes are clean, but they cover more of the body -usually and look less tacky -usually. The adds are for wrinkle relief and anti-aging products and hair-color which doesn't appeal to me but it's the market. 

So, now I have a new picture of myself relaxing at the beach with a magazine. It wouldn't be Cosmo anymore. It's just not me. And I don't get to read at the beach anymore either, but if I did I'd be slathered in SPF 'as high as I could find', sitting under an umbrella, wearing sunglasses and a hat, and reading More -  'cause these are my women.


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