Mystery Shops - Additional Sources

Here are additional sources that I don't have personal reference for but I'm going to go ahead and post. I'm sure they are great to work with they just haven't had anything available in my area that I've been able to do. 

Okay, you may have already noticed that a lot of the companies use the same database system, Sassie. The good news is that once you figure out once system you'll be able to better navigate the other company's sites. The bad news is that you might forget that you need to register at all of them because they are not linked together. Each company keeps their own information. 

Be patient. It might take a little while to learn which companies have the types of shops that you are really interested in in your area. Then you might need to learn which companies send you regular emails and which are ones that you need to go check on a regular basis. I get emails from all of them but I can tell you that I check Trendsource on a regular basis and I have rarely gotten an assignment there unless a previously assigned shop has fallen through and I was the backup. Those grocery shops go fast. The early bird gets the work!


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