Another Great Deal from

70% off of $25 certificates with the discount code: RECIPE - so for $3 you get $25 worth of money to dine out at your favorite local restaurants PLUS for a limited time will send you a code for a FREE $10 certificate with every order.

This would be a great time to stock up or try a new restaurant or double check the list of participating restaurants. I noticed the other day that a couple of new places in my area are now part of and this would be a nice time to give them a try.

Buying local is a big deal with me. These are my neighbors, people who will learn your likes and dislikes and they are struggling along in this economy like everyone else. I'm not an advocate for eating out as a habit but the service industry is one in which I used to work and I have a soft spot for struggling waitstaff. Summer can be especially difficult so if you are so inclined to give yourself a break from the kitchen buy a certificate - maybe even through Upromise so you can double up the bennies to yourself - and give your local economy a little bit of a boost. This is a good deal and Definitely a Cool Idea!


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