Getting out of the House

June in Virginia is definitely a time to be inside but since Bose earphones don't say how many toddlers they can tune out and I am the lone introvert in the family I know that the best way to keep Comfort and Joy happy [and tired] is to keep them busy. Sure, we can color and do other assorted indoor activities but I like to keep them for backup when it rains - as it has been doing A LOT lately.

Luckily we live one block from a pedestrian shopping district, 4 blocks, from our library and 3 blocks from the playground - so we have assorted, short Adventures available at our fingertips. It's good to remember in our climate controlled culture that people knew their neighbors in part because they spent evenings out on the porch to escape the worst of the evening heat.

Let's reclaim some of the knowledge of our neigborhoods and our neighbors. Take a good walk around and see what you see. Stoop down and look at it from a toddler's point of view. Stop to let them pick up sticks and rocks. It's about the process, not the outcome and it's Definitely a Cool Idea!


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