Make a Recipe Your Own

I've been following the Once A Month Mom Blog and enjoying the recipes. The burrito recipe from last month was one that I noticed but didn't make. The other night I was fishing around for something to make and noticed that I had most of the ingredients.

For the list and instructions go to the Once a Month Mom Blog but here's the list so that I can show you how I changed it.

•1 pounds ground beef
•15.5 ounces pinto beans
•4.5 ounces green chilis, chopped
•15.5 ounces enchilada sauce, red
•1 packages taco seasoning mix
•8 ounces Monterrey Jack
•8 ounces cheddar cheese, shredded
•8 each flour tortillas, med-large

I cooked the beef and added taco seasoning hat I buy in bulk from Costco. I didn't have enchilada sauce so I used a can of diced tomatoes with green chiles and didn't drain them. I had canned kidney beans instead. Add them to the pot and add the cheese.

We were running low on mexican shredded cheese and I figured Comfort and Joy would want quesadillas for dinner so I grated Pepper Jack and some Swiss to add to the pot. This gets melted into the meat/ bean mixture and then this 'goo' is scooped into the tortillas and put in a baking dish.

I had a bit of meat/bean and liquid left over and decided that since I didn't have left over enchilada sauce to put over the top of the burritos I would mix in sour cream that was left over from some other recipes. I brought it back up to heat and poured it over the top and then topped that with Mexican shredded cheese. Pop it in the oven until it smells good.

Boy, this was yummy and it was a great example of using a recipe as a jumping off point. As long as you are keeping the moisture/ dryness levels right and you aren't leaving out something key - like a leavening agent - you're usually fine.

So play with your recipes. See what you can create. Making things your own is definitely a Cool Idea!


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