A Bra for Everyone

If you haven't hit the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale yet you might want to take a peek and see what they have because I think I hit the jackpot. I found 2 bras that fit and were half-price!

So, I probably would have bought them even if they were full price because I had a coupon that I found at Tia's Savings Cents. The bras I'd been wearing were shot long ago and after 4 years of being pregnant and nursing I desperately needed bras that actually fit.

I'd tried to do it myself by trying on bras at Target, Ross, TJMaxx, etc., but I never found anything that fit, stayed that way and kept the 'girls' where they were supposed to be for a full day. So I went back to VS with the last VS bra and showed them the problem - lots of gaping - and was remeasured. I still measured the same so they brought me different styles including several push-up bras.

Now, clearly most of you don't know what I look like but the last thing I need is a push up bra or a Wonderbra or something like this. God has been generous to me so I finally just so the woman the problem and I hear the words 'full coverage' and think 'thank goodness' now we're talking my language.

After over 30 minutes in a sweltering dressing room under hot flourescent lights and standing in front of a floor to ceiling mirror where I had the opportunity to observe all of my body's flaws over and over and over we found the perfect bra and I bought the last 2 in the store that they had in my size. And thanks to the coupon they if were half price. And if they last as long as the last VS bras I bought I figure I'll be wearing them still when I take Comfort to be fitted for her first bra. All I can say is that bras that fit are Definitely a Cool Idea and coupons make it even better!


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