Things for Virginians to Remember

First of all, we have a primary election tomorrow. Be sure to get out and vote so that your voice is heard.

Next, if your church is planning Vacation Bible School and you are near a Ukrop's grocery store remember that you can snacks donated from Ukrop's. You need to contact the representative 10 days before your VBS session to make the arrangements. Ukrop's provides the follow items for the children:
  • cookies
  • Kool-Aid
  • cups and napkins
  • ice cream cups for the last day only

If you've shopped at a Ukrop's store you've likely seen the picture of a church in the store, perhaps you've just gotten the information about your Golden Receipt in the mail, and you know helping churches and the community is a key value of the Ukrop's store and family. This is just one more way that Ukrop's gives back to the larger communities in their store locations.


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