School is Out!

I hear moms across the country sigh as they realize that summer is here and they are on deck all day, every day as entertainer, chef, and educator for their kids. In some ways, this is not different from what we do during the school year except that now there's no down time. Comfort has been out of preschool for less than a week and already I'm wondering about boarding school.

But seriously, it's got me thinking that along with the meal planning we need activity planning. Some activities can happen any day: park, playground, blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, Maymont, etc. Others, like trips to the farmer's market, are day specific. Also, I grocery shop late in the week since The Grocery Game comes out on Tuesday for my area of the country. All of our outings have to be in the mornings since Joy still needs rest time in the afternoons.

So, what activities do you do in the summer? How do you mix things up to keep them fresh and enjoyable?


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