Bar Keepers Friend is My New Friend

I loved having a white porcelain sink when we first moved into this house 8 years ago. It looks so nice with the blond wood cabinets and the gray tile floors.

Then reality sets in. DH loves coffee. And he's not so great about rinsing out the sink after he pours his cup out. And the scratches. I had NO idea. Well, it's taken a toll.

Then I read a great tip on Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskate about using Barkeepers Friend to clean porcelain sinks and I bought some the next time I had a mystery shop at Kroger. That way, if it didn't work, at least it was free. Right?

Well, no worries. It definitely works. Check this out.

Here's the side by side view of my kitchen sink. The left side has been cleaned with dish soap only and the right side with Barkeepers Friend. Sure there's still some staining but it actually looks better than this picture portrays since my kitchen doesn't have the best lighting for photography - even with the camera's flash.

So, my new friend is Barkeeper's Friend. It has so many uses I haven't even learned about them all but it is definitely a Cool Idea!!


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