Fantastic Finds at the Grocery

I had another grocery mystery shop Thursday night and since I consider the fee that I'm paid to be 'free groceries to me' I sometimes splurge on yummies that I don't otherwise usually buy. Like Chicken Salad from Ukrop's. This chicken salad is AMAZING. It's also expensive - $8.99 for 15 oz. See why it's a treat, but it's all white meat, and creamy and still full of flavor.

As a rule I try to remember to check out the manager's specials in each department. I also check out the dairy products that are being marked down because of their sell by date and I check the overstock/ seasonal racks. This is where I found my bonuses this week.

I'm not sure why baby products were on here but I'm appreciative. I got a refill packages of 128 Huggies Natural Care wipes which are usually $5.25 for $2 each. I picked up two. I also saw Boudreax's Butt Paste, the $4.25 tube, marked down to $1. If I don't need it then I can pass it along to someone or donate it to the women's shelter but it's just not allowed to pass up a deal like that! Seriously.

I also scored a handful of Knorr's Vegetable Soup Mix for $.75 which will make some yummy dip for later in the week. I hear there's a football game coming up.

I saved nearly $10 on baby products alone and no one has ever had too many baby wipes. So lesson to us all to make sure to make to at least make a pass by these random racks in your grocery store. You never know what you can score and getting stuff you need for a drastically reduced price is such a Cool Idea!


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