Kroger Mega Deals

Did you shop the Kroger Mega deals this week? I did and between The Grocery Game and the mega deals I only paid full price for 2 things. DH wanted pita bread for his breakfast sandwichs next week and I needed coconut for granola. Those cost me around $3.50.

I bought 30 items that were covered by the mega deals so I saved $15 from my total! I also had $5.50 in coupons and $.95 in bonus coupons and $47.89 in Kroger Plus Savings. My cellfire and shortcuts coupons didn't pull from my loyalty card because I had paper coupons for the same items but hey, I saved a total of $54.34 from the shelf price of the items I bought today!

So, what did I get? I stocked back up on some snack item for the girls' lunches and there were great deals on canned tomatoes and frozen appetizers. Yep, I love soft pretzels and Kroger's frozen pretzels are as good as it gets right now. Oh, and there are Kraft cheese coupons in the sidebar and they are part of the mega event! It's a great double-dip!! Also, Mugs Root Beer - which is caffeine free - was only $.79 so I splurged and got a couple. I rarely have soda in the house. And to balance it out I got DH some Mt. Dew - ick.

Will there be anything to actually eat from all of this? Probably, but my planning is to work out of my pantry most of the time. I'll grab some canned tomatoes and pasta and maybe the black beans I did a couple of weeks ago that are in the freezer and we'll have something yummy. Or maybe I'll put them with some hamburger that's in the freezer and it'll be a meatloaf.

Gotta love the Mega Deals at Kroger - they are definitely a Cool Idea!


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