Stocking the Freezer

So I'm stocking my new freezer slowing but surely. And here's how I'm doing it.

Every time I make a 'go to' meal I double the recipe and freeze one.

Yep, that way I know I'm putting away food that I know my family eats. The first thing I put away was a Knock Off recipe of Chi-Chi's Corn Cake. I love this recipe but I rarely have heavy cream in the house to make it so I made sure to make two and freeze one.

Next, after testing the Apple Struesel Muffins from Once a Month Mom and getting Toddler Approval I baked a double batch and froze them. I also made the Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes so I'll have something to take to church for potluck for the next couple of months.

Another great way to stock the freezer and keep my butt from getting huge(r) - last time I made a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough I only needed half of it. I froze the other half. Cookie dough freezes really well.

So these are my really Cool Ideas for getting the fridge stocked from nothing. I'll post more as I go along. If you have other Cool Ideas that I'm missing, Please Let Me Know.


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