Resolutions: Last Year's Recap

Probably my first resolution for the New Year should be to do a better job of being accountable for my resolutions. I noticed that the last time I did a monthly Recap was in July. Not good. This time I'm going to put it on the calendar. Well, probably it was on the calendar last year but that laptop died in April.

Here are last year's Resolutions:

1. Do a better job with coupons and pantry stockpiling.
2. Continue to find creative ways to cut expenses
3. Meal planning/ smart planning
4. Increase my income as a stay-at-home parent
5. Find ways to live smarter in the balance between frugality and the environment
6. [not sure yet but I feel like there's something still there to be explored - so I'm leaving room for one more]

1. I think I did a good job here. I 'stuck to the list' - by which I mean - The Grocery Game so that I would be getting my items at the least possible cost to me. I love that the list also tells me where to find the coupon in my pile of coupons. Definitely worth the small cost, I think.

2. Cutting expenses continued to challenge us. One benefit I hadn't realized was that the school that Comfort and Joy attend serves breakfast everyday so theorectically I don't have to serve breakfast 5 days a week, 9 months a year. Bonus!

3. Meal Planning was my down fall and will be carried over into this year. Smart Planning is something I'm good at and I might pull them out and treat them as two different items. We'll see.

4. Creating income as a SAHParent is a challenge. I now have a couple more hours a day in which I can work but I still can't entirely rely on that time because I get called to get one of the girls from school at least once or twice a month. Surveys, mystery shopping, and online focus groups have been my main source and I've kept on top of this to try to maximize it.

5. Living smarter is definitely a strength and I hope I can continue to find additional ways in which we can blend frugality and our goal of being gentler on the environment.

6. This one never did get named but I think it probably had something to do with my fiction writing. I should just call it what it is and move on. I'm a Great Writer!

I'll post my Resolutions on Monday and I'm going to have Recaps set up for later each month.

How well did you do on your resolutions last year? Any that you'd like to reshuffle and try again this year?


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