Ace of Homemade Cakes

I think that the Food Network should have a new show called 'Homemade Cakes' and it could be a cautionary tale about cakes gone wrong or cakes that started out as good ideas but didn't quite make it.

Let's just say that Comfort will never confuse her birthday cake with store bought! She said she wanted 'big' and 'pink' - like Melody's. For those of you who have not had to watch the straight to video Little Mermaid story in which Melody - Ariel's daughter - has a birthday and then finds out that she is a mermaid. Well, the fairy tale cake is multi-tiered and pink.

There was no way I was going to try multi-tiered but I figured I could handle pink. I tried 'big' by cutting the cake into smaller pieces so that it could go taller. What I neglected to figure in is the structural integrity of a Betty Crocker cake is roughly that of a Twinkie. Zilch.

So, after a couple of layers it started to topple. I decided to make this a reality rather than an accident and put the cake on it's side so the layers were vertical intead of horizontal. Not a bad decision in reality.

The pink frosting as easy since I just put a bit of red food coloring into a can of white frosting. Where things went a bit wrong was the white piping that I tried. The 'cookie' icing that I bought was too runny to hold up on the edges and for writing so it moved across the cake.

Let's just say that this is a cake that a four year old enjoyed and tasted great but there are several reasons why there is not a picture accompanying this post! But no matter how it looked it tasted fine - if a bit sweet due to all the frosting - and Comfort got what she asked for a big and pink cake. But most importantly we had a lovely time together celebrating a wonderful day in the life of our family and I can't think of a cooler idea than that.


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