Valued Opinions Surveys

I'm looking back at surveys that I've cashed out money from recently so that I can pass along this good information again and here's one that I've mentioned, I think, but it's worth mentioning again. Valued Opinions, gives invitations that have great information. They will always tell you how much money the survey is for and a good idea of how much time the survey will take. I've had surveys for as little as $1 and as much as $5 and sometimes the $5 don't take much longer. Really. It just depends on how much the company was willing to pay.

I also click on these invites as quickly as I see them because they can fill up quickly because this company pays in cash if you want. I usually request my reward in the form of a prepaid VISA card! There are other options which you can see on their website when you join but I like having the actual cash and since you know how much money your surveys are when you take them you'll be able to see how your rewards are accruing.

So, if you aren't signed up with Valued Opinions go ahead and get started. It is definitely a Cool Idea because cash is never a bad choice!


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