Survey Payouts!

I'm not sure I've mentioned Gongos before but they are a wonderful survey company to sign up with. Don't let the funny name get in the way because this will be a great opportunity for you. They won't send you a ton of surveys probably but you'll see a greater amount of payout vs. your time input than you will for other sites.

I've also had the opportunity to do 2 full product tests for them and both of these came with additional payouts. Gongos pays in Amazon gift cards and they pay often. They also have a forums area for their members to chat about most anything you'd want to and you get points for your chatting, too. Yep, it's a win win.

So hop on over and sign up because I figure in a couple of months you'll already have at least $5-$10 in Amazon gift cards from Gongos and by then you'll be in prime Holiday thinking mode - right?

LightSpeed Research

And before I close for the day, I thought I'd check to make sure everyone had a chance to sign up with Lightspeed Panel Surveys. They have some fun panels, some quick match surveys, and always tell you how long the surveys will take. I just cashed out my points for another $20 into my PayPal account. Hop on over and sign up for these great panels. Making money while giving companies your opinion is definitely a Cool Idea!


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