September Mystery Shopping

Now that Comfort and Joy are in school in the mornings at least I've decided to step up my mystery shopping and this month I have NINE shops already scheduled. Yesterday alone, on the first day of Comfort going to big girl preschool, I had THREE shops! Whew!

Here's the breakdown of what I have lined up:
  • one online banking shop [started and on-going]
  • one in bank shop [done]
  • two preschool shops [done]
  • three grocery stores [one tonight, 2 this weekend]
  • one 'burger place' [next week]
  • one car dealership

One thing that will be interesting for me is that many of these shops are new to me. I've not done any of the car dealer shops in my area so this'll be fun. The online banking shop is new, too, and I'm looking forward to completing it because it is substantially more money. I have done a preschool shop before and these are great. [In fact, I'll post more specifics later about signing up.] But the cool thing is that this month really expands my repertoire of mystery shops and that's not a bad thing since we all need to try new things. New things and more income coming in are both definitely a Cool Idea!


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