Hoo-Ray for Grandparents!

Grandparents Day is one of those holidays I desperately try not to forget even if it's only with an extra 'Thank You' during our weekly phone calls. Comfort and Joy are still at an age where they don't quite understand how the phone works or why they can't see the people they can hear so sometimes the conversations are - well, a bit odd. But one thing I can let the Grandparents know is that we definitely appreciate them.

In fact it was four years ago this week that they became Grandparents for the first time. Comfort came home from the hospital after a week in the NICU and after a few more bumps and hurdles we all started to settle in with the immense help of the Grands. Here dh and I were, thinking we still had a month's more time to prepare both our physical space and ourselves for our future life and then - WHAMMO! We were parents.

I've always been fortunate that I've had the support of my family and this instance was no exception. His mom was here as were my folks and then our church family and our extended family of friends. It was great. The only thing that was better was when Joy was born and everyone did it again. Let no one tell you that the second -or third - or fourth - child gets less love and attention, at least not from these Grands.

I don't think they stepped up to the plate just because we had two exceptional birth stories. One in which one of our kids almost died and the other in which I almost did. I think they stepped up because they love us and now they have the opportunity to shower that love and affection on our kidlets. So a hearty Thanks to the Grandparents in our lives. We couldn't do it without you!


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