The Grocery Game Winner!

I did it! I cracked the 60% mark! In fact, I hit 61%!! I can't tell you how excited I am. My original total was $52.08 and then I had $13.84 in coupons. My total Kroger Plus Savings was $37.99/ 61%

Well, actually I will tell you how excited I am:) So much so that I'm posting about grocery shopping twice in one week.

And this is what I did... I stuck to the list. I followed The Grocery Game, picked items that I knew we would need, checked to make sure they were over 50% mark downs, gathered all of my coupons, loaded coupons from Cellfire, Shortcuts, uPromise [grab the button below if you need an account], printed from [from the right hand sidebar], and had several from the Kroger mailings that came last month.

I also took advantage of the Kellogg's/ Keebler Free Milk Deal. I never end up doing these because usually they are for products I don't need but cereal and cookies are always things I can stockup on around here. But I had enough coupons for 2 FREE Gallons of Milk!

I did get one thing that wasn't on sale at all - Barkeeper's Friend - but truly I've never seen it on sale and I was afraid I'd forget that I heard it would help clean my porcelain sink if I didn't but it now. Of course it was $1.89. The next thing that had the worst mark down actually was the apple juice since it was only 29% off even though it was 10/$10 but it was off set by the fact that I was able to double up the natural sale price of Kroger Peanut Butter [at .99] with a .75 coupon from the Kroger mailing and got an 18 oz. jar of Kroger PB for .22!

And there we go. I even came home with some food. Comfort was asking to try the Tiger Cereal when we got home so we snacked on Frosted Flakes - part of the Kellogg's/ Keebler deal and there was a $1 off coupon in the Kroger mailing. Now that everything is put away I'm hoping that we don't need anything next week.

Except that Comfort asked for cheese with lunch and I noticed that we're out! Hopefully that'll be on The Grocery Game next week. Fingers Crossed because I have lots of coupons.


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