Say Nation!

Say Nation is another survey group and this one allows you to pick your own point goal! Personally, I love using my survey points for buying books since that's my guilty pleasure so I set my goals for book gift certificates and it lets me know how close I am to that pay out at any given time. Cool, huh?!?!

Another cool thing about Say Nation is that you get 25 points for every survey even if you don't qualify. So I always follow through on an invitation from Say Nation because I know I'll get at least some points whereas some companies are an all or nothing set up and I have to decide how much time to put into each survey.

Also, PayPal is now an option with Say Nation so you can actually get cash from this survey group, too. Sounds like an all around cool survey company, doesn't it? Yep, definitely a Cool Idea as far as I'm concerned.


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