Back to School Shopping with Amazon

I didn't get the official school supply list for Comfort or Joy's classes until Saturday so I've spent a good part of the weekend checking through my stockpile for things I knew I had: hand sanitizer, baby wipes, paper towels, etc. , and then running out to Kroger for the things I knew were on sale this week: liquid soap, composition notebooks, glue sticks, etc.

But that still left a few items on our list that I'll need to find in the next week. I could keep driving around from store to store but by the time I figure in gas and my time I decided I'd let my fingers do the shopping and go online to Amazon.

There, in a matter of minutes, I finished the shopping that I needed and even bought myself a little treat. Check out the deal on MP3 below! I so rarely buy music for myself that I can't even tell you the last album I bought. Mostly I mooch of dh's tunelist - or even Comfort and Joy's. [I do love the Philadelphia Chickens!] But I decided to get some grown up music for myself and this was a great deal.

Check it out. There are some great albums/ deals out there and for this price you can try something totally new. Give a new artist a try. Give yourself a new experience. That's definitely a Cool Idea!


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