Grocery Game Success!

It's a small success in something that really isn't a game after all but this was my first shopping trip that wasn't 'oh, I need to pick up a couple of things to take on vacation' related. For the first time since July I was going to stick to the list and thankfully Kroger had helped by scheduling a Mega Event to help me out.

Unfortunately, this Mega Event was school/ convenience food related. I know this helps a lot of people but my brain isn't quite there yet. I was still think about my meal planning issues and seeing that Fruit by the Foot was on sale didn't really help me. In fact, I can not even imagine what Comfort's behavior would be like if she ate a foot of that stuff! *shudders*

But I made my list and grabbed my coupons and made sure I could eak out 10 items to qualify for the Mega Event and wadded into Saturday Afternoon at Kroger. Once again I was reminded why I shop during the weekday mornings. I like having the store to myself.

I did get 2 items that weren't on The Grocery Game list but I had a coupon for them. Surprisingly, these were also convenience food/ school related. Everything else was either on The Grocery Game list or I had a coupon or a free item. [The free item was a box of Rice Krispies and this coupon came from being registered at Vocalpoint. Membership is free and they send out coupons and trial products throughout the year.] I even got a bonus discount on the rotisserie chicken because it was marked down another $2 from $4.99 to $2.99. Not sure why but my guess would be becuase it was a pretty scrawny bird.

All this to say that my plateau of 41% off, which isn't bad, got a bit better yesterday because I got it up to 45% off. Still not as good as what I hear a lot of other people consistently get but it may be the nature of the items I purchase. That's okay. I'd rather be buying things that I'll actually use then getting a good deal on stuff that I won't use.

The nice part about this trip to the grocery, too, is that I could see some meals taking shape as I walked through the store. The Grocery Game is about stockpiling when prices are low so that you have things on hand and sometimes, or many times, I'll come home and realize that I didn't actually buy anything to eat. That's okay if you remember the point. But yesterday crescent rolls were on sale and I thought about the many uses they could provide. I've used them to make little pizzas. I'm also thinking of using them for the top of a pot pie. Perhaps we'll have some kind of tartlet, too. That part will come next but at least I have the items on hand and I paid a good price for them. And that is the best and Coolest Idea I can think of


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