Back Home!

Stomach bugs plagued us all a bit last week - Joy had it the worst and then I got a touch of it the day I left and DH got it Thursday and Friday. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it'll bypass Comfort all together. She does not do well when she is sick!!

And now that I'm home I'm wiped out. Exhausted from spending my days in workshops and my evenings catching up and talking with some really wonderful people. I saw some of my favorite writers and a couple of times had to sit on my hands so that I wouldn't be 'that' person who ran across the lobby to 'help' them get their luggage to the car. Yep, that just screams 'stalker' doesn't it! Instead I nodded and smiled and acted like a professional. Or at least I hope I did. Maybe the smile looked really goofy. Odds are since I know this particular author is definiely not a morning person she didn't notice anyway.

And when I got home the kitchen was a wreck. Veggies that I got at the farmer's market Tuesday afternoon were worse for wear so I chopped them and put them in the freezer. I took the trash out and emptied the dishwasher. I scrubbed the sink and swept the kitchen floor. Oh, there's much left to do but hopefully this will make walking into the kitchen tomorrow morning a little less scary.

And the blog will return to it's usual topics as well. In fact, coming up will be a week-or-so long series. Hope you enjoy it!


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