Mindfield Online Internet Panel Surveys

I just cashed out some money in my survey account! Woohoo!! If you are interested in building up some extra money for the holidays what better way then to start your Christmas In July fund by subscribing to some survey companies that pay in actual cash.

Mindfield issues invitations pretty regularly and in each invitation it will tell you how long the survey will take and how much you will get paid. You can't get clearer than that. Of course, there's still a chance you won't qualify but that's part of the business.
I usually do these surveys while Comfort and Joy are napping or, in a pinch, during our post-dinner video. Since most are only 15-20 minutes it's usually easy enough to get them done in and around our schedule. Sometimes I smile to myself that in the time it took Ariel to rescue Prince Eric from the hurricane I made a couple of bucks!

One nice thing about the cashout threshold is that it is only $5. Nicer still Mindfield pays by PayPal so no worrying how long the check will take 'in the mail' and then remembering to take it to the bank. So, get started. Signing up is easy and definitely a Cool Idea!


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