Christmas in July: Bring out your Talents

Talking about talents in July might bring back horrible memories of end of summer camp talent shows but I assure you I have nothing like that in mind. We've spent the previous week looking at raising money for holiday shopping but I'd like to believe that money isn't the only thing we have to give our friends and relatives. We each have something unique about us. Something that can translate into a gift.

Today sit and brainstorm what your gift might be. For some it might be easy. If you are the 'one' in your family that everyone wants brownies from then you can make brownies. But maybe you secretly want to move away from brownies and into fudge or knitting. Or maybe you don't have an easily recognizable talent. Perhaps your talent is that you are incredibly patient. Or maybe you don't think you have a talent but you have every other Tuesday off of work.

Sit and doodle some ideas because the rest of this series is going to focus on how we can utilize our talents, and some time and planning, to make gifts for our friends and family. See you back here tomorrow for some more awesome and definitely Cool Ideas!


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