Mystery Shop Recap

I mentioned that I had 6 grocery Mystery Shops in the past couple of weeks. Here's a bit of what I learned about myself.

I rely on The Grocery Game A LOT for my list ! So the shops that were at the end of last week were easy to plan for. The ones that were over the weekend when The Grocery Game is not yet available were harder and I had to wing it. Also, by the sixth one I didn't really have anything left that we really needed and bought some things that were niceties for us.

The Good News is that Goldfish Crackers are on Sale at Kroger for 99 cents. I bought some at each store. We are a house of toddlers and it was time to stock back up. It's also good to remember that not only can the Campbell's Label for Education be turned in to your school but when you register your Kroger card the eLabel will be credited to your account, too.

And, as if anyone needed this reminder, grocery shopping is tiring. There's a reason that it's called work. I'm glad that I got paid for these shops and had this opportunity but next time I'll remember to spread the shops out better in my schedule.

And after this marathon of shopping I think that July will be a non-grocery month - other than milk - but we'll see. It's a good idea to reassess our needs every now and again and right now we're up to the gills in some things so it's time to eat our way through the pantry like we did in February. I'll post updates throughout of the month so make sure you come back and see how we're doing.


July 5, 2009 at 7:02 PM hope101 said...

Exxon Valdez brownies--hee!

As for the Ina Garten version, they sound awesome, but the recovering physician in me would have too much guilt associated with each bite. (Note that I'd still eat them. Ergo, I have food issues.)

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