Who am I and Where Am I going?

This isn't an existential posting about the state of the universe. It's a post about a change of roles for the week. For the first time in almost four years I'm not with my kidlets and I'm taking care of my professional life.

I have a professional life? Well, actually I do. Not only do I write this blog everyday but I also write fiction. Three guesses as to what kind of fiction I write. LOL

Odds are if you've looked through the types of books I post about you'll see a trend. Sure there are the 'book club choices' and a few non-fiction books sprinkled in but mostly I read romance novels.

Really? Yep, I read romance novels and I love them. Here I am college educated with a Masters of Science in Business and I read romance novels because I like books about characters and I believe in justice. I used to read mysteries but those are stories about puzzles for people who believe in justice. I decided I like people and characters more than I like puzzles so I switched about seven years ago.

A lot of people are reading romance novels and the Academy has noticed. Recently there was a conference at Princeton University where one of the presenters was Mary Bly, Professor of Shakespeare at Princeton and daughter of Robert Bly who was the author of Iron John, who writes romance novels under the name Eloisa James. She commented that, "Romance novels insist that women's physical desire is significant." Here's the rest of the article from USA Today.

And that friends is the difference in romance novels currently being written and those that probably gave the genre a bad rap. So, if you haven't picked up a romance novel in the last decade give one a shot. Check out some of the books that I've posted about and over the next few days I'll be posted about some other books in other sub-genres of the romance industry so stay tuned! It'll definitely be Cool!


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