Christmas in July: Search your way to Cash and Prizes

I know that I've posted about Swagbucks before. In fact, there's a link in my 'Stickies' section so that the post is always at our fingertips because Swagbucks is an awesome way to search your way to cash and prizes.

How? Just use Swagbucks the way you would Google or Yahoo search engines. It's powered by the same engines as and gives great results except that also randomly gives out Swagbucks!

There are also Swag Codes for additional Bucks. These also come out randomly. Sometimes you see them on the homepage or on the Swag Blog or on the Facebook page or on someone else's blog. But the best way to get additional Swagbucks is my referring other people. It's as simple as that.

So, what can I use my swagbucks for? Almost everything under the sun! I've traded mine in for Amazon e-certificates but now they do Paypal, too. It takes 80 swagbucks for $5 into Paypal vs. 45 Swagbucks toward Amazon but if what you are after is cash then this is worth it and if you are doing internet searches anyway you'll rack up the Swagbucks quickly enough.

The Swag People make it fairly easy. You can download a Swagbucks search toolbar if you use IE and there's a drop down box for the Firefox search area. Whew!! How easy. It's right there at your fingertips. So go and get started and to make it even easier click on the gigantic Swagbucks banner in the righthand sidebar and it'll magically take you to the land of the Swagbucks. Now go and get started and begin learning things so that you can pick up more Swagbucks!! It's a Cool Idea!


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