Christmas in July: Time to Get Crafty

If you have more time than money let's start planning!! I hope you have your list of ideas from yesterday. If not, go get it ....

Good. For those of you with easily recognizable talents like knitting, crochet or cooking and baking, I'm not going to do a lot of steering. I'll mostly be guiding because individual skill levels will dictate more of what you will do than anything else. I will caution you to cut your plan in half. Why? Because you don't want to end up with half an afghan on Christmas Eve! So, think hats, washcloths, dishtowels and other small items that can be finished quickly.

So, for knitter/ crocheters or other handworkers [quilters, tatters, etc.] - your local craft store will have some excellent guide books. So will your library. I've browsed through the One Skein Wonders book a couple of times and remember bookmarking a couple of items. Now I wish I could remember what they were:) Also, if you are a remember of Ravelry there are some wonderful ideas. Whether you want to make something with a holiday focus or just something that can be done in a short time frame this is a great resource. My local yarn store has a great blog and although I can't afford to buy yarn there all the time they are a great resource and I love them dearly.

If you cook or bake you might just be in the planning stages at this time of the year unless what you make freezes well. If so, then you can probably go ahead and get started, too. I mostly use family recipes as resources but there are some great online sources as well - Kraft, Food Network, All Recipes, etc.

So, start planning and get your fingers moving. I have 5 skeins of yarn I got at the craft store on sale that I think will knit up some quick scarves if I do them on large needles. Then in November I'll start baking cookies and making fudge [I don't have the freezer space to start this early] and I'll also be making some Cookies in a Jar gifts this year, too. Personally, I love to give handmade gifts to friends at the holidays. I like to think a little bit of me goes to each and every one of my friends.

Join us tomorrow for more of the the Christmas in July discussion when we look at what seemingly talent-less people can do to help their friends and relatives during the holidays.


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