I've been in love with IKEA since I walked into the original store in Woodbridge with my friend Wendy soon after it opened in the late 1980s. I went back later that month with my mom and I still have the desk lamp that I bought to take to college [it still has the same bulb in it, too]. Much of our furniture is from IKEA. Many of our linens are from IKEA. I just LOVE IKEA. I love the color, I love the practicality and I love that there are things that aren't made for me and that don't resonate with me. They are for other people. That's okay. There will be something wonderful for me right around the corner.

Just recently I found another reason to love IKEA. Joy took a red crayon to our dining room chairs. After I closed my eyes and counted to at least ten I found a tea towel and, rubbing with the grain of the wood, the crayon came right off. Now, this might have worked with any chair. I don't know. But I was effortless with my IKEA chair.

I also love that IKEA keeps trying to do different things for its customers. There used to be coupons throughout the year for special items at discounted prices. Sometimes there still are but there are still two yearly sales you can always count on and one of them is going on right now. Until July 5th prices on almost everything in the store are 20-60% off. So, if you are in the market for furniture or looking around to add some color to your home or patio don't forget to check out IKEA during this summer sale. It is most definitely a Cool Idea!


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