Back to School Cleaning

As new clothes gets moved into the drawers for Comfort and Joy I'm also going through my own clothes and deciding what needs to stay - go - and what can be donated.

One nice this is that after 4years of being pregnant/ nursing and having lost weight I can now use my own closet as a shopping trip. Clothes that I wore and loved years ago but haven't been able to wear are now available to me, so I've moved them to prominent places in the clothes rack so that I know I won't need to buy anything similar. In fact, I won't need to buy anything at all for awhile thankfully because I found great clothes to layer all through the fall and winter.

Another great thing about going through clothes, whether it's when the seasons change or when you are going through a closet overhaul - like I'm doing - it gives you a chance to shake out pockets of pants and check the bottoms of purses, etc. I didn't score anything out of the pants [I'm careful about emptying my pants pockets when I take them off] but I did net 2 gift cards out of a purse! One of them was from when I was working and was for a local spa!!! I can't tell you the last time I had a spa gift card. This is a significant amount of money, too, so I am super-duper happy.

So, don't forget to shop in your own closest first. We use this rule for grocery shopping a lot but I think we sometimes forget when it comes to clothes. And, the corollary is - always shake out the pockets of pants and purses - because you never know what treasures you might find!


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