Cheap Trip to the Beach

We're back at the beach with a friend visiting from out of the country. This time we don't have time to drive 10 hours away and rent a condo for a week. Instead we've driven 1 1/2 hours to the coast and we're camping. Not only are we saving money on gas, food, and lodging but we're taking advantage of resources that the Commonwealth of Virginia already owns.

Yep, as it turns out Virginia owns some of the best land in the area and has since the 1930's. This is a good reminder that not all campsites are privately owned or even part of national parks. States have their own park systems with camping facilities. Probably there's one near you or near where you might want to travel. Or just close your eyes and point and make that a fun destination for next year. It might just be your very next Cool Idea!


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