Back to School Shopping

A huge thunderstorm woke us this morning so we didn't go out for morning of sun and fun and after watching an hour of cartoons it was clear that we would need to get out of the vacation house and do something before someone got hurt. So, we took advantage of the nearby outlet mall and checked out the Carter's outlet.

One good thing about the ages/ sizes of Comfort and Joy is that I rarely have time to put away clothes between seasons before it's time for the it to move to the next child. Comfort is oldest but Joy is very tall for her age so clothing moves from one to the other rather quickly.

Today I found a dress similar to Comfort's beloved and favorite dress on the sale rack. It was marked down from $20 to $5.99. I also found a two-pack of leggings on sale 50% off of the regular price of $18. I grabbed a cute patterned skirt for Comfort that was marked down to $3.99 and a 3-pack of cute socks for $5. Also on the sale rack was a pair of pink fleece lined 'sweat pants' for little girls that were marked down to $4. The socks were the only thing not on sale but I always buy plain color socks and these had cute designs so I figured it was a little bit of a splurge and even with this I spent less than $32 with tax.

Some of these items will be perfect as the girls head out to school this year. The dress is actually going to be 'stockpiled' for when the current dress gets outgrown. I'll put it in the dresser with other items that I buy 'ahead' when they are on sale. My next 'buy aheads' will be shorts for Comfort as the end of summer is coinciding with the inability to get her shorts to pull up easily anymore. Thankfully, shorts are likely to go on sale soon so I'll get some and put them in the dresser for next summer and we'll be ready for when the weather turns warm again.

As this is the last full day of our longest vacation ever we made lemonade out of lemons when the weather changed our plans making it impossible to enjoy the morning on the beach. Thankfully we were able to still be productive and better still - we were definitely had some Cool Ideas!


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