Local is Relative

One thing to remember when you go on vacation is that wherever you go you are someplace 'local' and there are specialities and stores that run by the locals. Well, duh, right. I know, but sometimes when we are tourists we forget that not everything is a chain that can absorb the ebb and flow of seasonal traffic.

I'm not suggesting that you go out and buy all the random knick-knacks at all the tourist locations you visit but I am suggesting that - again - you be intentional about where you spend your money when you do shop. We did about a 50/50 job of buying our groceries local this week. To restock we hit the Sam's Club but for produce we found a roadside stand for potatoes [new, baking, and sweet], onions, lemons, tomatoes [slicing and roma], and peaches the size of a baby's head! We loaded ourselves down - two of us in four hands and we only spent $12!

Tonight we're heading out to eat at a local restaurant we found a couple of years ago that has great food and fantastic service. A yummy and Cool Idea!


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