Love it and Label It!

Along with registering for new preschools and getting our supply lists I've been thinking about how I might be able to make sure Comfort and Joy come home with the stuff that they take to preschool each day. Backpacks are big and hard to forget but what about reusable lunch bags, the reusable juice bottles that I use, etc. Then there are the requirements to label their spare set of clothes. I don't know about you but I can't get my little one's name legibly on an item of clothing.

Thankfully the people at Loveable Labels have figured this out and make wide range of labels to take care of the needs of kids and parents alike. There are sticker labels, fun stickers, shoe labels, iron-on labels, press and stick clothing dots, allergy labels, bag tags, and mini-metal tags. You can put text and icons on the stickers and you can choose a color for your set.

And as back to school time approaches, I was given the opportunity to test the Back to School Mega Pack which includes the following:

· 15 sticker labels

· 60 slimline labels

· 48 Press N’ Stick clothing dots

· 16 shoe labels

· 2 Mini-Metal tags

· 5 Book/Binder stickers

These personalized, durable and colorful labels stick with your kids and their stuff. You can label everything from water bottles, lunch containers, shoes to jackets and backpacks. They are dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer safe.

I've already labeled their backpacks and BYO lunchbags, reusable water and juice bottles, as well as, their spare pair of shoes which will stay at school for 'accidents'. I usually ignore this 'please label' advice because short of using a Sharpie and writing their name on the sole I could never figure out just how I was supposed to label a shoe. Here is how it is done:

The Back to School Mega Pack retails for $44.95 CND/USD but with discount code 'itscool' you will receive a 10% discount that will be available until September 10, 2009 . Hop on over to Lovable Labels and choose the country in which you reside (there is no price difference per country). Click on the Back to School Mega Pack (which is on the home page) and during the purchasing process you can enter your custom discount code 'itscool' to receive the discount.

The variety of sizes and uses of the labels is great. I love that Joy hasn't been able to pick them off - as this is her special skill! But mostly I love that someone has thought ahead to what the needs of moms and kids and families are and put everything for Back to School labeling in one place, made the ordering nice and easy and even included great colors and some adorable icons to decorate the labels. This is definitely a Cool Idea!


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