Frugal Car Care

I get No Debt Plan in my daily blog feed and I really enjoy these posts. Unfortunately, we're not close to being out of debt but my goal this year has been to not incur more debt. This has been hard while I'm home with the girls but we're trying hard.

Here's a great post about Frugal Car Care that I really appreciated because it pointed out the cost saved for each item on the list. While some of us probably do some of these I venture to guess that we don't all do all thirteen. My excuse for now is that the dealership takes care of everything since I'm still under warranty but that will end in a few thousand miles and I'll be on my own and you better believe that I'll be cracking open my owner's manual and learning how to change bulbs and filters and things like that.

But in the meantime, head on over to No Debt Plan and check it out. I appreciate the refreshing mix of information and the good explanations given when conversations take on a technical focus.


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