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LightSpeed Research

Remember when I tallied up my survey time and money last month and I reported that I found that Lightspeed was paying in Paypal now but wasn't accepting new applications... well, here you go. Here's a super cool chance to sign up with a survey company that pays in real money.

I'll tell you some other cool things about them. Each invitaton you get from them includes the point value of the survey and how much time it should take you to complete the survey. I've also had surveys from Lightspeed that were screeners for product testing opportunities so really I got a two-fer on those surveys.

I can't think of anything more to say about Lightspeed except that it was one of the first panels signed up with and I've enjoyed these. I don't alway qualify for each survey but you never will. It is great that they pay in cash now so run your little fingers over and sign up while they are accepting new people!! This is an incredibly Cool Idea!!


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