Beach Reading

We have headed south to the beach this week and I'm not entirely certain that I'll have internet access until we get to the condo that we have rented with my folks later in the journey so I'm pre-populating some posts just in case...

So, Beach Reading for me is synonymous with romance novels. And as you can imagine I have a few packed with me. I also have a few other books from my TBR [to be read] pile packed as well. I've been meaning to read the latest Isabel Allende book and I just picked it up from the library so it's coming with me. Also, I have a new book from Sarah Strohmeyer. I loved the Bubbles book so I'm looking forward to this one.

Keep your eye on the 'What I'm Reading' box to see how much progress I'm making. My guess is I'll either fly through them or they'll all come back untouched!


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