Two Week Survey Roundup

What does a typical week of surveys look like around here? I wish I could tell you. I should probably keep better track. I know that Jen has a tracking system. Me, I just wing it most of the time

But in the interest of really learning how much time and attention I was giving to the surveys I kept track for the past 2 weeks of the surveys that I have done. I've missed few. I know that, but here's a good idea of how many invitations I accepted. I say accepted because there were sooooo many invitations in the past couple of weeks that I just could not do them all. Also, I prioritize and do the ones that I know will pay the most. Maybe that's a discusson for another post.

Here's the listing:

SayNation: 5 invites/ 2 surveys

Lightspeed: 7 invites/ 4 surveys 1 invite/ 1 survey

Opinion Outpost: 4 invites/ 2 surveys

FocusPointe: 2 invites/ 2 screeners

SurveySpot: 4 invites/ 0 surveys [I only do surveys for $$ here]

Focus Forward: 1 screener invite/ 0 surveys

ValuedOpinions: 5 invites: 3 surveys [$9]

NPDOR: 2 invites/ 2 surveys

Mindfield: 6 invites/ 3 surveys [$3]

Focusline: 9 invites/ 0 surveys

Surveyhead:10 invites/ 2 surveys [$6] 2 invites/ 2 surveys [20pts]

Toluna: 4 invites/ 3 surveys [$3]

AmericanConsumerOpinion: 1 screener

SurveySavvy: 2 invites/ 0 surveys

ConsumerVillage: 1 invite/ 1 survey [$15 payout for project completion]

HarrisPoll: 1 invite/ 1 survey [50pts]

OpinionPlace: 3 invites/ 0 surveys

BrandInstitute: 1 screener

This was a very busy couple of weeks in my email-box. This time commitment brought in $21 in my accounts accruing and $15 in Amazon certificates [already in hand]. Some of these were lengthy surveys an some weren't. I haven't been good about tracking that yet but what I have begun to learn is that there is incredible overlap in the invitations. This is why you will get a lot of the declines!

What the time vs. money worth it? Right now I have time but I don't have money so I have to say it was worth it because it still allows me to be at home with the kids while they are small. But that's a decision everyone has to make for themselves no matter what they are doing. Whether you work outside the home or don't work at for money at all. Is it worth it to you right now? If yes, then you are good. If not, then you need to look at making some changes. Small changes maybe, but changes.

So, there you go. In the interest of accountability and as I try to make some money as a stay at home parent, I'm going to try to do a better job of tracking the invites/ participation/ points vs. cash earned/ time expenditure. Stay tuned for upcoming posts as I revisit this Cool Idea!


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